About Bob

Professional Coach Bob BarryIt was in Connecticut, when as a teen I became a lifeguard and swim instructor, that I realized the joy of helping others to achieve their goals. It meant developing trust to persuade a five-year-old girl or boy to jump into deep water because I was there ready to catch them; the same trust that I must instill in my clients today as a coach. To me, there is no greater feeling of personal accomplishment, than to help others – to build confidence, to think outside the box, to exceed their boundaries, and to crystalize and achieve their goals.

I became a teacher because of that life-changing experience of being a swim instructor. I eagerly wanted to tie my career to that unexplainable feeling of fulfillment that I got every time I helped a student jump into deep water – to overcome fear and do what he or she could not do without my help and encouragement.

Teaching junior high school gave me that chance to bring students to new levels of awareness and accomplishment. I knew it to be my true calling. Yet family values sometimes inspire adaptability and change. My wife and I wanted a Life Coach Bob Barryfamily. We were concerned that with both of us working, our shared values would not properly be conveyed to our child. It was then we decided that my wife would leave her teaching job to stay home and raise our children.

For me, it meant a career change. With our income cut in half, my teaching salary alone could not sustain us. I hired a career transition coach to help me find a new career – one that would improve our finances, but also satisfy my need to help others learn, grow, and find themselves.

My coach was a big part of my success in finding a new career and that too left an impression on me. I became a corporate trainer. Yes, I continued to do what I loved and what brought me fulfillment, but with a different audience and a better financial outlook. It was that career that brought me to Florida, led to management jobs, and expanded my reach from helping individuals, to helping entire organizations. I became a learning and development executive – immersed both in the world of business and in the domain that spelled success to me – helping others grow.

Over my career, I’ve served multiple organizations, both large and small. I have allowed my personal values to govern my business and personal behaviors. I am pleased to say that I have made a difference in many lives of which I am aware, and many more of which I am not.

Starting my own business was the start of an encore career for me, but it was also the continuation of my need for fulfillment through helping others. Instructing, teaching, training, and coaching have long been a part of my professional practice, through a number of iterations. This is one more, but it is true to my big WHY, that has led me throughout my life, my vocation, and my avocations. Today I volunteer and I coach to sustain that feeling of personal fulfillment. Both practices serve me well as I continue to enable the success of others.