How Does It Work?

How does coaching work.Coaching begins the way any social interaction begins – with two people who start a conversation. Maybe it’s over coffee. Maybe it’s at a gathering of some kind. That’s not important. What is important, is that through that conversation a bond of trust begins to form.

As the conversation continues, either a friendship will form and nothing more, or a friendship will form and the need for a coach will emerge. It’s at that point, that a coach will ask some questions to ascertain the true need and employ empathic listening in an attempt to fully understand the issue, the circumstances, the desire, or the obstacle, that has created a need for the services a coach can offer.

There will be some conversation and some questions from the coach on the depth of need, the strength of will, and the level of determination to make some changes that will bring about desired results. Whether it takes two or three discussions, there is no obligation and no cost associated with these chats. Only when both parties are in agreement on specific goals or outcomes and the value of achieving them, will coaching fees be discussed. Even then, once there is an agreed-upon time frame established in which to achieve these goals, there will be a performance-based, money-back guarantee within the first four weeks of engagement.

Business CoachingA simple letter of understanding will outline the specifics of the engagement, including the goals to be achieved and the results desired. Not until that document is signed by both parties is there any obligation of any kind on the part of the person seeking the services of a coach.

The rest is an amazing journey of discovery. A coach is not an advisor or a mentor in that he or she will not tell a person being coached what to do. That is not the true nature of coaching. An effective coach will guide the person to discover important things about him or herself, to uncover any areas needing development or change, to focus on solutions rather than problems, and ultimately, the coach will enable the person to discover the answers and empower the implementation of solutions. A personal success coach, no matter what the need, can have an amazing impact on someone’s work life, personal life, leadership style, or entrepreneurial success. A personal success coach changes lives.